09 Describe your dream job

What makes work meaningful to you depends on three motivations:

  1. Craft motives are when individuals match their professions with their talents and interests.  Consider what talents and interests you will find rewarding to work on everyday.
  2. Compensation motives include pay, of course, but also power, authority, leadership and recognition.  What will each of these items look like for you when you are working in your dream job?
  3. Moral motives include trust, caring and vocation.  Recognize workplace values that impact these factors, and foster these characteristics with your coworkers to build an environment for meaningful work. 

Make a list of everything you want in life, including material things and money. What kinds of relationships do you want at work and at home? What experiences will make you happy? How much time will you need for family and friends? Does your work need to be creative to be meaningful to you? What does a workday look like and how will you feel at the end of it? How do your values show up in your work?

After reflecting on these questions, describe your dream job.

University of Toronto Career Exploration & Education Next Steps:

Through Dream Job Academy, an arts-based career exploration series, you can explore and identify your dream career and seek to make your chosen work meaningful and rewarding. You can also attend a Career Chat: Career Decision Making to explore how to to make informed decisions about your multiple career interests. 

Visit Career Exploration & Education and meet with us for a 15-minute conversation to talk about your next step(s). Find our hours here.

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