15 Try out a workplace

See if an industry or a company is right for you by connecting with professionals in your career area of interest and experiencing their workplaces for yourself. Taking your career exploration to the workplace will give you a chance to deeply research career options, clarify your goals and build a network of supportive peers and mentors. You will receive a wider perspective and more information about what their jobs entail.

  1. Participate in a half-day to five-day job shadowing placement to learn how your degree can be used in the workplace.
  2. Go on an In The Field trip to a local organization to expand your career options, and to explore workplace culture.

Visiting a workplace might be more effective if you first Describe your Dream Job and Make a Company List.

Visit Career Exploration & Education and meet with us for a 15-minute conversation to talk about your next step(s), or attend a Add Career Exploration Orientation session. Find our hours here.

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What's this?