50 Succeed at work

Congratulations!  All your hard work has landed you a job offer. These resources may be useful to keep you ahead of the game in the working world.

  1. Prepare your negotiation strategy with e-books about negotiation to get what you need out of the position.
  2. Learn to navigate workplace culture and professionalism with a Navigating the Workplace workshop. It covers how to establish goals, develop your professional identity, understand expectations and learn how to grow your professional network. Opportunities to explore effective communication strategies and reflection are also provided.
  3. Browse some e-books about work-life balance to learn about time management and effectively standing up for yourself at work.

A more educated workforce in the knowledge economy and more employees asking questions about their identity and purpose creates the need for meaningful work.  These strategies can be revisited throughout your career to keep you on track and successful in your own terms and in the workplace. 

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What's this?