35 Renegotiate 5 commitments

We all make commitments and don’t always follow through. This exercise will free you from the weight of five self-imposed commitments and enable you to build the momentum you need to get unstuck.

  1. Write down five commitments that you have made to either yourself or to other people. They can be big or small, but choose the ones that are weighing you down the most.
  2. Tackle them one at a time. Phone or send an email to the person to whom you made the commitment and tell them that you have to readjust the promise you made. Explain that you either can’t deliver and you are sorry, or renegotiate for more time or a different outcome.
  3. Say no and completely release yourself of at least two of the five commitments. Give yourself a fresh slate and clear mind as you move into the next few weeks.
  4. Get better about managing your time using this collection of e-books about time management or learn with a group at an Academic Success Time Management workshop.

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What's this?