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Event calendars are updated frequently but information about frequently scheduled workshops is available below.


Admission Letters Personal Statements with Writing Plus: Scheduled twice during the fall term

AN opportunity to develop a strong application for Grad School. Offered in partnership with Writing Plus.

Career Research Resources: Scheduled bimonthly

Ever wonder what’s beyond Google?   In this workshop, you will explore where to get the latest and most reliable online information about the employers and the labour market.

Dream Job Academy: Scheduled twice per year

Hart House and Career Exploration & Education have teamed up to bring you the unique Dream Job Academy career exploration series. The Dream Job Academy is a career exploration program designed to help students explore passions, values and potential careers. Over the course of six sessions, you will engage in arts, narrative and play-based activities and experiences designed to help you:

  • Realize and recognize your passions
  • Engage in career exploration and find your “dream job”
  • Meet people and make new friends

Exploring Entrepreneurship: Scheduled five times throughout fall term

The Entrepreneurial Mindset:  Building the Life You WantSuccessful entrepreneurs have a lot to teach all of us about personal achievement and success. In this lively, interactive session you’ll learn to apply entrepreneurial thinking to get what you want in life – whether that’s building a business, working in someone else’s, or simply being happy.

  • You’re a Start-Up
  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Be the Boss: 7 Entrepreneurial Habits to Cultivate
  • Making Things Happen

Exploring Further Education: Scheduled once during fall term

Is further education your next step?  Explore program options and learn how to assess your readiness for further education. This session will help you make an informed decision about next steps.

Finding Job Club: Scheduled three times per year

This program is designed to keep you on track with your job hunt, to provide you with consistent individual support and to connect you with peers who are also entering the career world.  Participants are required to attend all six sessions (unless you get a job!).

Finding Work: Scheduled monthly

A work search is a dynamic, often complex process.  Equip yourself with resources, tools, and tricks that will assist in locating and pursuing a job.

Discover places and people to help guide your search, and begin developing your personalized job search action plan.  Through reflection on your experience, you’ll build the capacity to convey your strengths to potential employers.

Flexible Futures: Scheduled weekly

Workshops held just for graduate students. The series includes: Applying for Faculty Positions, Applying for Work, Career Exploration Orientation for Graduate Students, Identifying Transferable Skills, Interviewing for Work, Job Search and the Labour Market

Further Education:  Scheduled regularly in late-summer and fall term

It’s time to start thinking about the application process. Workshops to consider and prepare for further education including: Professional Schools (Law, Medicine, etc.), Graduate Schools, Diplomas, Certificates, etc. All programs require different versions and combinations of application components.  This session will help you explore where to find the information you need to confidently complete the process.

Further Education: Didn't Get Accepted? Now What?: Scheduled once during spring term

There are options; just because you didn’t get into the program, doesn’t mean the journey is over!  Attend this session to learn more about your strengths, values, and interests that underpinned your application and alternative pathways to still realizing those abilities.

I'm Graduating, What's Next?: Scheduled monthly during spring term

Attend this session if you are looking for full-time employment upon graduation or you are not sure of your next steps when you graduate. You'll receive an overview of the Career Exporation & Education services available to you for a full two years after graduation and you'll explore the next steps of your personal career planning process.

Know Your Skills: Scheduled monthly

Your have developed essential skills through your academic and co-curricular experiences. Learn how to bring these skills to your explicit awareness and learn how to communicate these to a future employer, in a captivating, confident, and exciting way.

Know Yourself: Exploring Meaningful Work: Scheduled bimonthly

Wondering about what type of work will be meaningful for you? This session will help  you identify themes by reflecting your strengths, interests and values in your past experiences and exploring the following questions:

What do I like to do?
What matters to me?
What am I good at?

LinkedIn Lab: Scheduled monthly

Curious about LinkedIn?  Learn how to incorporate social media strategies into your networking and job search; how to update your LinkedIn profile so that it’s attractive to employers, make new contacts and learn about available positions.

Mindfully Navigating Your Career: Scheduled twice per year

Learn techniques for increasing clear-mindedness and managing anxiety and stress while exploring career questions. Over four 2-hour sessions, we will practice mindfulness through a variety of approaches and discuss how to incorporate this balancing and invigorating skill into your career discovery.

Navigating the Workplace: Scheduled twice during fall term

Work-Study positions are an excellent opportunity to gain experience, build transferable skills and learn to navigate workplace culture and professionalism. This module will help you establish goals, develop your professional identity, understand expectations, and learn how to grow your professional network. Opportunities to explore effective communication strategies and reflection are provided.

Own Your Interview: Scheduled monthly

Interviews can be intimidating, but the key to success is in knowing yourself and authentically communicating your story.   This session will help you be yourself in an interview, while feeling confident telling your stories of accomplishments and ability to employers.

Personal Statements: Scheduled monthly; August to February; higher volume during October and November

Most graduate programs require that you create a personal statement or letter of intent to communicate your intentions and interests for applying to the program.

This session will first introduce key components to incorporate into a successful personal statement.  The second half of the session will involve reviewing and providing feedback on each other’s personal statements – so please bring a copy of yours!

Planning your Career: Scheduled monthly

Career development is more than having a good resumé.  Start thinking about developing your abilities and strengths in an integrated way and leave with a plan to do so.  

It is recommended that you first attend the Know Yourself: Exploring Meaningful Work if you are unsure about your skills, values and interests.

Practice Your Interview: Scheduled monthly

This session will provide an overview of how to prepare for your interview and give you an opportunity to practice and improve your interview skills. Working with peers, you will practice identifying potential questions, preparing your responses and communicating your accomplishments. Please bring a copy of your résumé and job description (if you have one). It is recommended that you first attend Own Your Interview.

Résumé Workshop: Scheduled weekly

Learn strategies to guide you in crafting the content of your résumé! Bring a printed copy of your résumé and a job posting with you.

Resume / CV for Grad School: Scheduled twice during fall term; Usually in October

Build your Resume / CV to stand out in your Grad School application..

Talking to Professionals: Scheduled monthly

Informational interviews (i.e., talking to professionals in your field) can help you learn about a career area of interest and help you develop professional relationships.  Learn about what they are, why they are important and how to do them! 


Career Chats are informal, small group, discussion-based sessions that bring together current students and/or recent graduates and a Career Educator to unpack and reflect on experiences, challenges, and questions related to career exploration and planning. The program uses a flexible structure, where participants set the agenda to ensure they leave with clear next steps. 

    Career Chats are held twice weekly on Tuesdays from 12-1pm and Thursdays 4-5pm at the Student Success Centre.

    Career Chat: Networking

    Looking to stay connected with a professional contact, but not sure how? Curious about how about how networking relates with job searching?

    Networking doesn't need to be uncomfortable – it's all about building lasting and mutually beneficial professional relationships with people who share your professional interests. 

    Career Chat: Exploring Career Options

    Do you have questions about your future, or maybe aren’t absolutely sure about “what you want to do with your life”? Curious about a particular field of work (or someone whose job seems really cool), but not sure how to learn more? Unsure what career opportunities are in your chosen field? 

    There are many ways to explore careers, and most careers evolve and unfold over time.  

    Career Chat: Career Decision Making

    Thinking about pursuing a career in a few different fields, but not sure which is the best option? Do you have “gut instinct” about the path you’ve always wanted to follow? Or maybe you want to pursue a career that is directly related to your degree?

    Most of us are passionate about many things, and although some students pursue careers directly related to their degrees, many pursue careers that are related to their interests, skills, values or experiences. We know it’s important that you choose work that you enjoy, and will find meaningful. 

    Career Chat: Job Search Motivation

    Looking to balance job searching with other commitments? Curious about strategies for staying focused and clear-minded while job searching? 

    Job searching can be an exciting but challenging process of transition, but staying motivated is an important component of this process.