36 Reconnect with 5 mentors from the past

People who have helped us in the past are likely to help us again. Reconnecting with old mentors is a heartwarming process filled with old recollections and can provide interesting insights for your next move. Approach this exercise using the structure outlined below:

  1. Make a list of five people who have given you mentorship advice in the past five years. Don’t worry if they are not related to the career move you are making now, the more diverse the group the better.
  2. Email each one and schedule a time to chat. Ask them the same questions you are asking yourself now regarding your career, no matter how relevant you think it is to their present experience. These people are already part of your path and your success, if only in a small way, and they will be honoured to be asked for advice. If they question why you are asking them, tell them it is because you appreciated the advice they previously gave you – even if it didn’t end up working out.
  3. Listen to everyone but act only on the advice that resonates with you. You will get a lot of conflicting advice in this exercise. This is part of the process. If you have doubts, ask your friend during your regular meeting what they think. Don’t have a regular meeting set up with a friend? Find a friend in the same situation.

If you’re having trouble thinking of someone to reach out to, search through a roster of alumni who are ready and willing to talk to you on the U of T Hub on Ten Thousand Coffees, or build new mentorship relationships by accessing the opportunities in the Mentorship Database.

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