18 Raise your score

Where admissions tests are necessary, begin to prepare as early as possible.

  1. Apply to the Law School Access Program, a free summer LSAT Prep for low income, high potential undergraduate students and recent graduates.
  2. Search Ulife for student groups committed to graduate school preparation to take advantage of group study and peer-learning opportunities.
  3. Use the Career Exploration & Education’s collection of e-books for graduate school preparation for free study guides to help you prepare for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT and PCAT.
  4. Take advantage of your writing centre to improve your written communication skills.  The St. Michaels College Writing Centre offers exam preparation workshops.

Visit Career Exploration & Education and meet with us for a 15-minute conversation to talk about your next step(s). Find our hours here.

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What's this?