28 Map a network

Many effective job hunting methods rely on your ability to find and contact the right person without being socially awkward or imposing. The techniques below will help you map a network so you can reach out in the right ways and move your career forward.

  1. Choose a person you want to meet. Don’t have someone in mind? Find your future mentor.
  2. Check out Career Navigator to connect with alumni from your program.
  3. Search for them on LinkedIn or other social networks and see if you can identify any mutual friends or connections.
  4. If you can’t find any direct connections, identify people who seem close to them or up in their social media feeds. Follow the same process for these people.
  5. Continue until you have an expansive social network based on the online profile of the person you are trying to meet.
  6. Choose one person who seems most interesting and accessible to you. Send them an introductory email discussing what you find interesting about them.
  7. Connect with professionals on the U of T Hub on Ten Thousand Coffees, a Hub filled with U of T affiliates who are ready and willing to talk to you

If you’re having trouble finding online connections or are unsure of how to reach out to new people online, come to a LinkedIn Lab for tips.

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What's this?