16 Interview someone

Informational interviews (i.e. talking to professionals in your field) can help you learn about a career area of interest and help you develop professional relationships with people whose career paths excite you.  At an informational interview you might like to ask questions like:

•What is a typical day or week like in your job?

•What are the most common challenges you face?

•What is the best part of this career?

•How do you balance your job with the rest of your life?

•How did you get into this career? What would you do differently?

•Are there related career fields that I might consider?

•What are the current industry trends? 

University of Toronto Career Centre Next Steps:

  1. Attend the Talking to Professionals workshop to learn more about informational interviews and how to approach them.
  2. Use Ten Thousand Coffees, an online informational interview database to find inspiring people in your field from around the world.

Visit the Career Centre and meet with us for a 15-minute conversation to talk about your next step(s). Find our hours here.

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