40 Go to a general job board, and then leave

Very few jobs are found by applying through generic online job boards, so you may as well invest your time doing something else. Jobs are found by networking and by being out in the world, talking, building and creating.

  1. Visit a job board like Monster.com or Workopolis.com.
  2. Now leave the site. Spending a limited about of time on general job boards is okay, but these postings get overwhelmed with applicants and the best jobs often don't make it to a job board. Your time is better spent on activities and resources aligned with your goals.  
  3. Use this list of professional associations, your company list or the CLN job board to begin your targeted job search.
  4. Send this to a friend who you think is spending too much time on job boards.
  5. Ask Career Start Peers for tips about using Indeed. Sites like Indeed can be helpful research tools, but one of the greatest resources for career research is networking. Be sure to connect with professionals in your field to learn from individuals who have experience and could be good connectors to possible opportunities and contacts.

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