17 Explore education options

Once you have Identified Your Skills and Strengths, you can explore how those are connected to graduate or professional school.

  1. Tackle the big questions needed to make a further education decisions: why do you want to go to graduate school, when should you go and what should you study?
  2. Check out Career Navigator to find where alumni from your program have pursued further education.
  3. Conduct a personal SWOT analysis about the further education question to make an informed decision. Attend an Exploring Further Education workshop or Career Chat: Exploring Further Education to work through the analysis with your peers. 
  4. Use Schoolfinder or University Study to explore Canadian schools and programs. Grad School Finder is international in scope.  Search by keywords and phrases that match the further education you'd like to pursue.
  5. Attend information sessions at your school of choice or the Graduate and Professional Schools Fair held in the fall to meet representatives from programs and learn about application procedures.
  6. Once you’ve defined which schools and programs you’re interested in, prepare a list of deadlines according to each institution to keep yourself organized – however you best organize information.

Once you’ve make a further education decision and connected your skills and strengths to a program of choice, begin to Prepare Your Application Action Plan.

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